4 Things To Remember for an Office Move or Opening

Moving or opening a new office location doesn’t have to be a big deal when it comes to your voice and data networks.

Here are 4 things to remember BEFORE scheduling that big move or opening day!

  1. Make sure you can be connected- 60-90 days before you want to be up and running, contact your technology advisors, or your internet and voice service providers to make sure that you can get your voice and internet services installed in time for your move deadline
  2. Review your requirements- Been thinking about moving your voice or network to the cloud? There is no better time than before you open a new location or move a current location to make those changes. Moving old phone systems and servers can be a hairy thought.  What if they don’t turn back on?  If you’ve been considering upgrading internet, this is the best time to do it.
  3. Visit the new site- 45-60 days before you want to be up and running, take a checklist and visit the new space. Look for things like structured cabling (Cat 5e? Cat 6? None?) and power in the right places. Start planning out where your servers, routers, phone system, etc. will go.
  4. Complete a Business Continuity Plan- What would happen if the moving truck with your servers in it had an accident? How quickly could you get your network back up and running if there is an issue with your new internet circuit(s)? A move or opening is a great time to answer the question:  If I had to close my physical location for a week, how could I make so my customers wouldn’t even notice?

Not sure where to start with your upcoming office relocation or opening?  Having an unbiased, vendor neutral technology advisor in your corner can certainly help.

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