3 Ways To Slam the Door On Cyber Crime

Think your business is too small to be at risk? Think again.

Businesses today are under constant attack from Cyber Criminals. Ransomware is just one example of a top threat to avoid. With the risk of lost data, lost productivity and lost reputation, isn’t it time to close (and lock) the door on Cyber Crime? Here are some ideas to help you prevent and mitigate cyber attacks.

Number 1: Document, Document, Document

Schedule some time to review and update your documented security policies and procedures.  Security and related patch policy should identify who is responsible for application and operation of system patches and system updates. Give clear guidelines as to whose responsibility it is to apply the latest operating system and related security patches. Whether this process is manual- or especially if it is done automatically through a managed service, be sure your employees know which is the case. Also, document your policies to verify all your systems are in compliance.

Number 2: Review your cyber security framework

When it comes to cyber security the best defense is, well, a good defense.  Avoid data breaches resulting from lack of cyber security defense. Can you guarantee your antivirus and malware detection definitions are up to date and would thwart an attack? Utilize spam filtering and other cyber threat detection tools to protect your business. Enterprise and medium sized organizations should consider penetration testing to identify any weaknesses on your network. Make certain your employees are periodically trained to identify and avoid malware and phishing schemes. If you have suffered a data loss due to cyber attack, ensure you have a communications plan to notify all stakeholders and authorities within adequate time frames. Having a solid data protection plan including cloud backup can minimize your exposure and decrease your recovery time.

Vendor Management

We are all too familiar with the Target data breach a few years ago.  Forensics later uncovered that the attack actually took place through the HVAC controls and the POS system.  The Internet of Things (IoT) is great at making businesses more efficient and saving money.  Without the right deployment and management controls, its also a great way to allow hackers and cyber criminals access to your most important data.  Don’t be afraid to ask vendors about their security policies and voice your concerns.

Cyber threat and related cyber attacks are a top concern for many business owners. Staying one step ahead to protect your business network is a constant effort. If you aren’t certain that your business is protected, reach out to your technology advisor today.

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